English: Reading Web Links


1. Reading - Free Teaching and Learning Resources

2. RIF - Reading is Fundamental

3. Helping Your Child Become a Reader (PDF)

4. Typical Language Accomplishments for Children, Birth to Age 6

Offers dozens of activities families may use to help young children learn the alphabet, play with rhymes, "read" picture books, act out poems, predict what happens next in stories, create a bookcase, enjoy family stories, write notes and stories, and more. (Department of Education)

5. RIF Kids - Reading Planet

Is designed to help families and children explore the world of books. It features an annotated list of 1,000 children's books that can be browsed by age group, author, or category (e.g., popular, classic, award winning). Children can post reviews of their favorite books and read reviews by others. (Department of Education)

6. Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers

Features easy-to-do parent tips, video clips and transcripts from interviews with some of the nation's foremost reading experts, motivational e-cards that grandparents and teachers can send to children, a forum for sharing suggestions, booklists, and answers to key questions. This website, which accompanies the PBS "Reading Rockets" television series. (PBS, Department of Education)

7. Doing What Works -Topic

Provides videos, slideshows, and tools for teaching reading to K-5 English learners. The site is based on five research-based recommendations: screen and monitor students' progress; provide small-group reading interventions; provide vocabulary instruction throughout the day; develop academic English competence beginning in primary grades; and schedule regular peer-assisted learning opportunities, including structured language practice. (Department of Education)

8. Doing What Works - Topic

Looks at two teaching practices found to be effective in center-based settings with 3- to 5-year-old children who are not yet in kindergarten: teaching phonological awareness and using interactive and dialogic reading. See videos of these practices in schools and classrooms. Learn about the research base behind these practices. Find tools and templates you can use. (Department of Education)

9. Read.gov: Online books and resources...

Features classic books online for children and teens. Find the text and illustrations of "Humpty Dumpty," "Mother Goose," "The Three Bears," "Our Flag," "The Arabian Nights," "The Secret Garden," "A Christmas Carol," "The Raven," and other classics. The site also provides webcasts of authors, writing contests, and teaching resources. (Library of Congress)

10. ICDL - International Children's Digital Library

Aims to make the best in children's literature from around the world available free on the web. It includes nearly 5,000 books in over 50 languages in a child-friendly format for reading online. Search books by language, award winning titles, and more. (International Children's Digital Library, National Science Foundation)

11. Reading Comprenhension & Language Arts...

Provides teaching strategies, parent tip sheets (11 languages), articles on literacy, interviews with authors and experts, daily reading headlines, a library of web widgets, and other resources to help parents, teachers, librarians, and other professionals help young children become stronger readers. (ReadingRockets.org, Department of Education)

12. Reading - Improve Student Performance..

Is a collection of resources for helping all students learn to read well. It includes instructional materials, research reports, and national assessment frameworks and report cards. Learn about the five building blocks of reading, the What Works Clearinghouse, National Reading Panel, Reading First, and other federal programs and resources to support success in reading for all children. (Department of Education)

13. National Reading Panel

Includes two key publications from the panel: "Put Reading First: Helping Your Child Learn to Read" and "Put Reading First: The Research Building Blocks for Teaching Children to Read." Both examine what can be done to help every child acquire the five building blocks for reading success: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension. (Multiple Agencies)

14. Starting Out Right: A Guide to Promoting Children's Reading

Is designed to help parents figure out what language and literacy experiences to look for in preschools and child care; what to look for in early reading instruction (K-3); what to ask school boards, principals, elected officials, and others who make decisions regarding early reading instruction; and whether their child is making progress in reading related skills and early reading. (Multiple Agencies)

15. Colorín Colorado: A bilingual site...

Is designed for parents and teachers who are helping Spanish-speaking children learn to read in English. Find activities to help children learn about sounds, letters, and words. Use tips and materials to help children develop skills in reading. (Available in English and Spanish.) (Colorín Colorado, Department of Education)


Is a series of stories about adult literacy teaching success. In one story, adults learning English use the Internet to find pictures and information about their home country for written and oral reports. In another, adult students act as consultants hired to save a failing restaurant and use technology to deal with irate customers, schedule work hours, and design new menus. (NCREL, Department of Education)

17. Helping your Preschool Child

Offers fun activities for parents to use during everyday routines to help babies, toddlers, and preschoolers develop skills needed for success in school and life. The booklet also describes behaviors and changes parents can expect to see during these three developmental stages. (Department of Education)

18. Between the Lions - PBS KIDS

Is based on the PBS children's TV series, and presents a new story each week with related interactive games and activities for kids 4-7. It also recommends books for each episode and offers more than 300 tips and resources for helping kids learn to read. (WGBH, Department of Education)

19. CELA

Provides information on what elements of curriculum, instruction, and assessment are essential to developing high literacy and how schools can best help students achieve success. (Department of Education)

20. Compact for Reading and School - Home Links Index

Offers four hundred activities for strengthening children's reading and writing skills (one kit for each grade level, kindergarten through 3rd grade). These kits, part of the "Compact for Reading," not only help improve children's reading skills, but also provide guidance on creating and maintaining school-family partnerships. (Department of Education)

21. Teaching Our Youngest...

Suggests how to read aloud to children, develop their listening and speaking skills, teach about letters and numbers, and build their background knowledge and thinking skills. The booklet is designed to help people who work with young children create rich learning environments. (Department of Education)

22. Doing What Works: Reading-Comprehension

23. Book Adventure - Free Reading Program

24. Reading Activities for Kids

25. Guys Read

26. Welcome to HighlightsKids

27. Kidsreads

28. MysteryNet

29. Starfall - Learn to Read with phonics

30. Teenreads

31. Wacky Web Tales

32. Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets

33. Reading Comprehension - Printables & Worksheets